In honor of the upcoming holiday (no, not Cinco de Mayo) I will be doing limited runs of the above 4 images as metallic 8x10 prints.

Each print will be $30 including shipping. Two or more at a time are dropped down to $20 per print. No more than 10 prints of each image will be made in this size/format ever again. Prints will be ordered on May 4th.

Please email samgussphoto[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in prints. Subject line: May the 4th

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cotton candy queen

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seeing red again

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How to hang yourself with your own hair: An instruction manual

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cash money millionaire

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wish you would

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the last of us

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freaky fresh

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Chances are I love Freshie more than I love you. Nothing against most of you, but Freshie is just my cat lady soulmate.

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this one time i covered izi in flour and took photos. i then proceeded to lose those photos for a while. today they have been found.

hi, izi’s green hair!

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lie with me, die with me, give to me

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the crack inside your fucking heart is me

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army of me

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