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Perpetual Silence

San Francisco, CA
By samguss

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I’m sick in bed but I have some photos of Jacs to edit that will keep me occupied until my next nap. Hoping to be better tomorrow because I have another adventure to the woods scheduled. 

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i used to care, i was being cared for

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Take all that you have
and turn it into something you would miss if
Somebody threw that brick
And shattered all your plans

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but where is the naked lady?

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a million tears, a trillion times.

i’ve seen that glaze and glitch in your eyes.

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I like to feel you break from the inside

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burgers and fries

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blue monday

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and here’s a dumb photo of my other best friend from four years ago in the other best friend’s old bedroom. back when fourloko still had all it’s loko’s. this was for my ripped series that i killed off a few years ago.

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raiding an external hard drive means finding dumb photos you took of your best friend five years ago. i miss her.

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i was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage

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starin’ out with empty eyes

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